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At Clear Point Claims, we understand you need timely and accurate support. So we have developed a reputation for speed, precision, and diligence. 

After all, our philosophy is simple: putting our client’s needs at the center of everything we do.

Your business matters to us. 

Our aim is to enhance our partnerships and deliver an exceptional experience to your customers.

To achieve this goal, we offer various services in a transparent manner, such as:

 Daily Claims Management

✓ Catastrophe Claims Management

✓ Water Mitigation Auditing

 First Notice Of Loss (FNOL)

 Liability Consulting, Commercial Services

 Loss Control Inspections, as well as

 Staffing & Training

More of What We Offer

✓ Daily Claims Management

✓ Dedicated Catastrophe Services

✓ Insurance Staffing

✓ Management Team

✓ Commercial Property

✓ Residential Property, and 

✓ Inland Marine


We take pride in providing prompt and precise assistance you can rely on.

Clear Point Claims offers exceptional speed, accuracy, and attention to detail. Our primary focus is on putting our clients' needs first, and we strive to revolutionize the insurance industry by prioritizing your requirements.

Our objective is to provide you with the utmost support and assistance precisely when you need it.

To accomplish this goal, we offer various services, including:


In addition, we provide Liability services, Inside Adjusting, Fast Track Claims, Contents Claims, Quality Assurance, Estimate Review, Re-inspection, Onsite Adjusters, and Remote Adjusters.


clear point claims

Who We Serve

Our client-focused approach and dedication to excellence have earned us a reputation as a leader in the claims management industry.

This made Clear Point a highly regarded partner for home and commercial insurance carriers in the United States. Each company recognizes that providing exceptional customer service needs a reliable and efficient claims management process, which we deliver with precision.

We partner as well with numerous regional insurance carriers and self-insured entities. These clients benefit from Clear Point's expertise in claims management.

Clear Point is also called upon by insurance companies, Federal, State, and Municipal entities to manage claims during natural and man-made disasters.

We can scale our services to meet the unique needs of these entities during times of crisis, providing much-needed relief and support to those impacted by catastrophic events.

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